How it works

NetOnWork is for you who wants to:

Find your next business date

Are you the type of networker who wants to meet new people, hoping for a business date? NetOnWork invites you into a world of business professionals and allows you to browse through the crowd and select people you would like to meet. If they too find you interesting, simply invite them to a meeting.

Keep track of people in your network

Over time, most of us have built up an extensive network of professionals. Just take a look at your LinkedIn profile, or your friend list on Facebook. But when was the last time you communicated with any of them? If you are out of touch for too long, netOnWork will remind you to get in touch. Maybe it is time to remind your network that you are still around. If you stay quiet, you are not likely to be first on their list when they need someone like you.

Save time with prefabricated personalized messages

If you have been out of touch for a long time, it might be time for you to reach out. Just to let your connection know that you are still there. But we all know that writing relevant emails takes time, so maybe that’s not necessarily the right way to maintain your network. Use netOnWork to create as many standard messages as you want. We make it easy for your to let your connections know what is going on in your business, in a matter of just a few seconds.

Use your network to find what you are looking for

What are you looking for? Make us of your network and create searches to find what you are looking for. Your network is there for you, if only you let your connections know what they can do for you.

Keep notes to remember

You probably have a huge list of contacts, but how do you make sure to remember what’s really important about them? Where did you meet, what is your common interest, how can you add value to them? The more you know about your network and the more you share, the greater the value of your cooperation.

Keep track of what to do

Never make a promise to do something and then forget! If you promise to get back to someone, do it. If you promise to send someone a quote, send it. Anything else is unprofessional. With netOnWork, followup becomes easy. Engage with your network and use netOnWork to create reminders. This way, neglecting to following up on promises is in the past.